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QuanZhou Tie Tong Electronic Equipments Co.,LTD

Adress:No.13 Zihua street Jiangnan Hi-tech Industrial area Nanhuan Road Quanzhou city ,Fujian province

Tel:  0595-28760111

Email:  cathy@tietong-wl.com  

Skype: live:.cid.e7858c796d49165c

Technical support:

General: to customer satisfaction as the goal, the maximum extent to meet the needs of users, to provide quality services for users, is my company's service tenet.

The company provides free 800-8585228 phone line for the user, every week 7 x 24 hours to provide relevant technical support service.

1, the organization:

Our company has a qualified  engineering technology department is responsible for the communication with customers, to undertake engineering equipment installation, commissioning and customer service equipment repair,maintenance management and implementation; technical center is responsible for the engineering design and installation, debugging and detecting technical support customer service equipment repair, maintenance; qualitymanagement department with customer product repair group, responsible for the return to factory fault analysis andrepair quality of the products.

Project Engineering  Department has a professional engineering and technical personnel 30 people, 25 of them have a college degree, the bachelor degree. They are in the company engaged in the field of engineering service orproduction debugging inspection work for more than 2 years, through regular training and examination qualifiedafter the induction, is a young, energetic, skilled technical service team. In addition to professional engineering staff,according to the engineering and business needs, from the technology center, production department, QC department from skilled personnel to support selection.

2, service network:

The company is headquartered in Fujian, Quanzhou, opened 800 free hotline service, responsible for the pre-sale,sale, after sale service. And set up 5 offices in Beijing, Xi'an, Wuhan, Shijiazhuang, Nanning, responsible for thetechnical service work. According to market needs, provide services networks.