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QuanZhou Tie Tong Electronic Equipments Co.,LTD

Adress:No.13 Zihua street Jiangnan Hi-tech Industrial area Nanhuan Road Quanzhou city ,Fujian province

Tel:  0595-28760111

Email:  cathy@tietong-wl.com  

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Dear everybody

Thank you for your attention, for Quanzhou Tietong Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. here, on behalf of Quanzhou TieTong company and staff to express my most  agratitude to you!


In the continuous development of domestic and foreign high-tech talent, capital, today, technology, market, management philosophy constitute the most basic motive force of the development of the source of high-tech enterprises. People oriented, the capital as the link, technology as the basis, the market as the guide, create favorable external environment, to maximize employee one's ability and cleverness and enthusiasm, can make the enterprise keep up the vitality of the. Quanzhou Tietong Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 March, registered capital of 20680000 yuan, the original state-owned Quanzhou electronic instrument factory, Quanzhou carp in the communication equipment factory by the incorporated joint-stock private enterprise, is a key high-tech enterprise of national torch plan, the State Ministry of railway wireless train dispatching equipment, professional development and production of enterprises. Mainly engaged in R & D and production of railway communication equipment, microwave communication equipment, digital communication equipment, mobile multimedia digital signal wireless transmission system, petrochemical analysis of test instruments and other products, respectively, access to information technology, the Ministry of railways, Kam Industry Ministry of PLA General Staff and network access license, in the railway, public security, army, mine etc. special communication network, China Telecom, mobile, Unicom, Netcom, Railcom public communication network, large and medium-sized petrochemical enterprises, widely used.


looking to the future, shoulder heavy responsibilities. The company was established 17 years, we have tried to have a  workteam , have accumulated over the years the formation of innovative mechanisms and systems, there are increasing numbers of resource reserves, a high-tech industry developing rapidly, China Tietong will continue to high spirited attitude and the new style, to seize opportunities, meet challenges, to accelerate the development of the development of railway wireless communication technology, as more as a force! A long way to go. In future development, we will meet the  customer satisfaction as the goal, fully implement the "quality policy quality, efficiency, innovation, sincerity", in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2000 quality management system related to quality standards and state control, to ensure that the China TieTong company brand and product quality to achieve superior. In order to achieve the  goal of customer satisfaction, enterprise satisfaction, employee satisfaction.


The development of Quanzhou TieTong company stronger and stronger , connected with  at all levels of government support and encouragement, cannot make it  without the understanding , support ,trust  from most customers and our parteners   Once again, I make a gratitude with my highest respect. Tietong who will continue to learn from our job , follow the direction of railway communication and the pace of development, strengthen management innovation and technological innovation, continuous improvement of our work methods and means, to provide customers the best quality service. We firmly believe that, as long as there are all friends of the support and love, as in the past, Quanzhou Tietong Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd will ride the wind and waves will sometimes, obtain thepractice the!


Bst rgds , partners, friendly suppliers, we sincerely look forward to your presence and guidance!

Finally, I wish all the leaders and friends from all walks of life are in good health, happy life, the cause of the brilliant Tengda